Silicone wiper blades vs. rubber wiper blades which one better?

The wiper of your car might seem useless in summers but undoubtedly much useful in the snowy, rainy, or in winters where you are required to have the best wiper blades. But people are confused to know which one are better wiper blades silicon or rubber blades.

In this article, we are providing you guidance about which one is better for the car windshield silicon wiper blades or rubber wiper blades. If you are thinking of getting new wiper blades for your car but you are confused about which one silicone wiper blades better than rubber to get, so continue reading this article to know which one is better.

Silicon wiper blades vs. rubber wiper blades

So if you are willing to know synthetic rubber wipers vs. silicone rubber wiper blades, which one is better, so you need to consider a set of factors affecting it.


The sound of the wipers is an essential point in which you need to consider the amount of noise the wipers are creating. You must take the noise factor into consideration so that you don’t suffer from embarrassing moments before your boss if you are ever in need to give them lift.

rubber wiper blades

The silicon wipers are helpful and effective for you if you are someone who hates the unnecessary noise whereas the rubber wiper doesn’t give you the benefit of the lesser noise.


silicone wiper bladesThe factor you are most considerate about wiper blades is the efficiency of the blades. So if you will be astonished to know that rubber blades of wiper work efficiently in the winter and snowy season, those who reside in the areas which are affected with heavy snowfall then it is better for them to go along with rubber blades of the wiper.


If you are one of those persons who don’t get their cars for servicing once in a long time and don’t pay special attention to the accessories of the car or vehicle, then you must be giving for the rubber blades of the wiper.

But if you go for the vehicle servicing regularly and pay special attention to your car, then you can go for the silicon, which adds on to elegance to the car windshield.

So when you are drafting the difference between silicone wiper vs. rubber, then you must pay special attention to the traits mentioned above, which can help you to get one of the best wiper blades for the windshield.