Primary Reasons behind Why You Need To Turn Off Your Car While Pumping Gas

Pumping gas into your running car or vehicles is restricted by the gas station; also, it is mentioned above the boards not to do that. In the winter weather, you wish to go to the gas station for pumping the gas and get the work done rapidly so that you don’t need to have to wait for a long time by standing outside and restarting your vehicle over again.

But you might not know, but pumping gas into the running vehicle can be dangerous. Here we are providing you guide about the harmful repercussions that you may face if you pump gas with running engine into your car.

Higher possibility of getting ignition

If you are refueling your vehicle with the running engine, then you are at higher risk to the gas vapors comes into direct contact with either heat or electricity.

turn off car

When you top off the gas tank with the running engine, then the mechanism of the automatic stoppage of refueling might not work, and this will lead to overflow and shower the gasoline over the ground.

It is best that you next to the fuel tank while pumping gas if you are doing it with the running engine then running engine increases the possibility of its getting a fire flash.


As mentioned above, keeping a car engine running creates a higher risk of catching up the fire, so due to this fear, the gas pumping station has restricted to keep your engine running while pumping gas or refueling the gas into the vehicle.

So you have to turn off the car when pumping gas so that it reduces the possibility of catching up a fire at the pumping station.

pumping gas

The risk to your vehicle

Also if you leave car running while pumping gas then not only to the pumping station but also there is a strong possibility that your car’s engine might catch up fire as sometimes the automatic stoppage of the refueling mechanism doesn’t work then the fuel might can get into the engine and the little sparkle and set your vehicle at fire.

In this article, we have concluded the one fact that you must not leave your car engine running while pumping gas at the gas station or whenever refueling your vehicle as it can be hazardous and life harming. So you must turn off your engine while pumping gas or refueling them.